FAQ by racers
How do I enter my rig?
We offer driver registration the morning of the event, both on Saturday and Sunday between 8-10 am....we start racing at 11 am so don’t sleep late!
When can I arrive and can I camp?
You can arrive at noon time on Friday May 5th. We will not allow you to enter any earlier. We offer camping for tents and RVs rates are on website.
How much is it to enter?
All of our classes are $25 per class per vehicle.
How much do you get if you win?
Our minimums are $50 for 2nd and $100 for 1st..... that goes up with higher participation levels. Trophies for 1st and 2nd as well. We also have a couple random big money classes
Can I have a passenger?
We only allow passengers in the 3 stock classes of head-2-head racing so that inexperienced racers can have some guidance, we also allow it in the rock crawl. Absolutely No passengers in the TRENCH, obstacle course, freestyle or any other events.
Can I have more than 1 driver?
Yes as long as all drivers meet the age requirement, however in head-2-head racing you will only be allowed to register the vehicle once per class (meaning the drivers will either swap out or enter 2 different classes) we can’t have 2 people in the same truck meet in a heat or finals.
How old do you have to be to compete?
For a complete list of rules and expectations please refer to Vermonster4x4.com
FAQ by spectators
Can I drink alcohol there?
No but we are in a BIG city and there are lots of bars around town and we are usually done racing by about 5pm.... you can wait I know you can!
Is this family friendly?
Absolutely we strive to make it a comfortable event for all ages. Our midway has stuff for kids and adults and the excitement on the track speaks for itself.
Can I bring in my own food?
Yes, we have a wide variety of concessioners and vendors but we understand the expense of bringing a family to an event. We will open your cooler to be sure there is no alcohol but they are allowed.
Can I camp if I’m not racing?
Yes rates are on the website... vermonster4x4.com
What time does it start/stop?
We are pretty good at getting things going by 11 am –ish.....and we run till we’re done generally 5-6 pm it depends on many variables including participation levels.
Yes we have free on-site parking, if for some reason we run out there are options outside of the fairgrounds that are privately owned and they charge for their spaces.
How much are tickets and how do I get them?
Rates are also on our website vermonster4x4.com but an adult 1 day general admission is $20 per person. You can purchase them on-line in advance as we will have a “faster pre-buy admission gate” But we always sell them at the gate the day of the event.
Can I go in the pits?
We have an upgrade gate for spectators who want to visit the pits. It’s an additional $5 requires the signing of a waiver and you must be 14 years or older. People under 18 years old will need a parent with them.
FAQ by everyone
Can I bring an ATV to ride around on?
No. This event has far too many people and big trucks to worry about that we do allow golf carts but no vehicles at all on the mid way and limited use in the pits. Nothing runs after dark.
Can I come and go from the event?
Yes, with the proper wristband folks are allowed to come and go as they desire. we ask you limit your daytime travel due to traffic flow. The gate will open at noon on Friday and close at dark on Sunday. Only one gate will be open for use “after hours”.
The rest of the rules are also to be found on the website, we expect people to maintain respect and dignity. We are not babysitters, judges or referees. we do our best to treat everyone with respect honesty and kindness. We have had minimal problems over the past decade and strive to keep everyone happy and safe and will remove any individual or group that will not follow these simple rules. Thank you for reading and please refer to the website for additional information. vermonster4x4.com