Snowbog Tickets for Feb 18th 2017

Snowbog Tickets for Feb 18th 2017
No more online service for Snowbog,
Tickets can only be purchased at the gate the morning of the event

Product Details

Event tickets will be mailed out within one week of the event.
February 20,2016 Rutland VT, Vermont State Fair grounds

Snowbog IV rules:
All tickets are just $20 per person
Kid's Ages 6-12 are just $5.00
(5 years old and under FREE)
All drivers must 18 yrs or older
Must be 14 or older to enter the pits. 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign the liability waiver if under 18 years of age.
No pets, No alcohol, read and understand our general rules
Prepare for slippery surfaces and cold weather.
Racer registration for all classes is from 8am-10am
Spectator gates open at 10am
Racing generally starts at 11am and runs till around 4pm depending on participation levels
Throttle King Qualifier* points will be tallied for participants in all 4x4 events to determine winners, 2 race trucks and 2 mega truck spots are available.

Specific 4x4 rules:
All classes are allowed use of studs, No bolts, No chains
*8cyl open classes are up to a 1 ton axle
* Mega trucks are 2.5 ton axles/ agricultural tires/ roll cage
All classes must have functional brakes and seat belts
stock classes have stock frame/ full bodies including glass/ factory suspension (lifts are okay) stock engine displacement and location. No power adders such as nitrous or turbos
Open classes allow for all style power adders 
Fire suits for drivers of vehicles running alcohol
Helmets and belts must be worn at all times while on the track

Specific snowmobile rules:
The classes are simple, don’t cheat, wear a helmet, and all sleds need a kill switch, a tether cord is recommended.

4x4 Head-2-Head snow drags 200’ 
class 1) 4cyl open
class 2) 6cyl open
class 3) 8cyl stock
class 4) 8cyl open
class 5) Mega trucks
class 6) side x sides
4x4 Obstacle course
class 1) 4cyl/6cyl open
class 2) 8cyl open
class 3) Mega trucks
class 4) sidexsides 
Tire drag, horse shoe course 300’
class 1) 8 cyl open
class 2) Mega trucks
Freestyle: Cage required
class 1) 8cyl open
class 2) Mega trucks
Circle track race:
class 1) 4cyl/6cyl open
class 2) 8cyl open
class 3) Mega trucks
Rock race: 
class 1) Buggy class
class 2) "normal" rigs

Details on snowmobile classes to be released. Expect multiple lane drag racing and obstacle course. We welcome Rock the Hills to snowbog and look forward to them running the snowmobile portion of the event