Thank you to all who have supported Vermonster4x4 over the past 9 years. We are leaving the fairgrounds and the town of Bradford. We have had a pretty good run at it here but it’s time to move on. We could not have done it with out the support of our merchants, friends and patrons. As most of you know when I refer to Vermonster4x4 I use the terms we, us or our. That is because it has always been and always be a team effort. The program we have created is nationally recognized, unique and has a history of greatness. We have been featured in magazines, DVD’s, covered in all forms of media including Television shows and set a world record with our efforts. Each year we have had many obstacles to overcome as with any business, and each year we face the challenge head on and use these challenges as an educational tool to carry on and to better the program. We have built a brand not just a business! There are a lot of reasons why I have decided to move the Business as I said the past 9 years has been quite the education. The main reason is simply politics. When the people who ultimately control your rules, permits, pricing and layout are volunteers who have no vested interest in your business or haven’t even attended your event continuously present unnecessary obstacles it’s mentally, physically and financially draining. The over enforcement of a family friendly venue is also very troublesome. We have always prided ourselves on running a clean, safe, upstanding program that meshed well with our community. In fact the families, entertainers, racers and crews that come from all over the country to participate in our program are responsible for bringing in close to 2 million dollars of revenue locally per year. From the businesses we hire to the gas, food, campgrounds, hotels and so forth. As I said I have multiple reasons for making this decision and am responsible for past present and future decisions. I point the finger at no one person nor do I blame any group or organization, it’s not an easy decision by any means but it is the path I have chosen. With that being said we are looking to rebuild, modify and enhance the Vermonster4x4 events on new private land. I will use the education I’ve received over the course of my career to produce another top notch program that will not only benefit our patrons and racers but also the community in which the new facility is located. Once again I’d like to Thank all who have supported us and took a chance on my dream. Much respect to all of you. The best is yet to come so stay tuned!
Randy Oakley